Total becomes TotalEnergies; Dissonances gets at the turntables!

Since Cop 21 in 2015, Total started its transformation into a multi-energy company aiming at carbon neutrality in 2050. 

To incarnate this transformation, the group changed its name, its logo and its sonic identity in May 2021. One creative competition later, Dissonances started working on the project. 

Every energy needs its audio branding

This project came with huge stakes! Dissonances worked directly with TotalEnergies' top management. 

Many questions had to be answered: how to express this transformation with music, as well as the new brand's movement and positive energies? How to show TotalEnergies' journey from an industrial giant to an optimistic and client-centric brand?

TotalEnergies' sonic identity goes to 11

An electric guitar hook driving the whole track, a warm voice and a powerful vocal gimmick: Dissonances turned the amp's knobs to 11 and gave maximum power to TotalEnergie's sonic identity!

The building-up progression, the uptempo, and the pulsating rhythm pattern make the full originality of this track. The creation is easy to remember, free from the industrial codes and perfectly consistent with the group's new visual identity. 

Full track

Long version

Sonic Logo

Sonic Logo

“ This project has been an incredible journey! A good opportunity to meet the team of Dissonances and a nice experience. We were very impressed by this ability to turn our words into music. A big thank you to Dissonances for their guidance and their capacity to highlight TotalEnergies' transformation. ”
Damien Ricour-Dumas
Vice-President Brand and Advertising, TotalEnergies


TotalEnergies' sonic identity goes on a worldwide tour

Since June 2021, TotalEnergie got the best out of its sonic marketing assets. The group's audio branding is everywhere: internal events, B2B, radio, web, global TV commercials and even the Tour de France. It is a real sonic brand growing worldwide. 

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