ManoMano hits hard

ManoMano, European leader in online commerce int he home and garden DIY sector, understands this pretty well: sound is a strong emotional marker and allows a brand to identified and differentiated.

To support its expansion and strengthen its brand, the compnay entrusted Dissonances with the creation of its new sound identity. The challenge: to enrich its DNA as a DIY specialist and express the personality of the brand: positive, modern and encouraging.

A unique sound branding

The ManoMano sonic identity is built with the sounds of DIY: drill, screwdriver, saw, hammers, are part of the creation and come together to form a unique and distinctive rhythm.

We invented an innovative and modern sound which immediately evokes the professionnal universe of ManoMano while expressing the playfull, optimistic, offbeat personality of the brand.

Sonic identity

Long version

Sonic signature

Short version

“ I warmly congratulate you on the quality of our new sonic identity and our collaboration. The reception in the company is very, very positive! This identity is conquering hearts! The sonic identity is obvious and is one with the brand. Well done! ”
Alison Donat-Chauvel
Global Brand Marketing Senior Lead


TOP/COM d'OR pour l’identité sonore ManoMano

Et paf ! Dissonances enfonce les clous avec encore un magnifique TOP/COM d'OR aux TOP/COM Grands Prix 2024 pour l'identité sonore ManoMano !

Nous sommes très fiers de ce prix qui récompense une mission particulièrement difficile : remplacer et faire oublier un titre hyper connu « Mah-Na Mah-Na » anciennement utilisé en publicité par la marque. Merci au jury et bravo aux équipes @ManoMano et @Dissonances bien entendu.

Découvrez le nouveau son qui tape dans cette vidéo au tempo du bricolage...

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