Get your brands
rocking with music

As the first and only sound design agency to receive the Grand Prize at the TOP/COM Grands Prix du Design 2022, Dissonances supports all brands - corporate, product, and retail - in crafting, deploying, and monitoring their sound identity.

We collaborate with our clients to envision and create unique sonic territories for a distinctive and emotive brand universe.

Our motto: in-depth strategic thinking for coherent, relevant, and innovative creative decisions.

Turn it up

You want to be heard, recognized, noticed. Amplify the impact of your campaigns, speeches, communications. Crave connection, engagement. Speak differently to your audience, evoke fresh emotions.

You've come to the right place to create the sound identity that fits you!

Dissonances accompanies you with enthusiasm and curiosity to give your brand a powerful, innovative, unifying emotional lever.

Sonic identity : a vital necessity for brands

We founded the agency with a strong belief that numbers confirm today: sounds assets are essentials for brand development and communication.  

  • Sonic signature multiply brands' impact by 8.
  • 60% of consumers believe audio communication ensures better memorization than visual communications.
  • Sonic identity doubles brand's memorization in an ad sopt. 

Source: Ipsos interactive study,
The Power of you, February 2020 

It’s fresh and it sounds great!


Implementing efficient
sound strategies

Together, we will come with the best strategies to improve your brand awareness and your communication through your sonic identity.  


Creating the right
sonic identity

Producing emotions and bringing some refreshing modernity to your communication: that is the true superpower of music 😊.  


Spreading your
audio branding

Advertising campaigns, brand movies, social media, events, telephony, podcasts... Wherever you can be heard, you will be recognized.