Put some music
into your brand

In 2022, Dissonances became the first music agency to have received an award for the best design at the TOP/COM ceremony. We help brands - corporate, product or personal - to implement, create, develop and manage their sonic identity.  

With our clients, we imagine and build unique soundscapes for distinct and emotional brand platforms. 

Our motto: one deep strategic reflection for simple creative choices that are both relevant and innovating

Turn it up

You want to be heard, recognized and noticed. You want to increase the impact of your campaigns, your statements and your communication. You want to create a meaningful connection to engage your audience. You want to sound different. You want to bring a new feeling.  

You are in the right place to find your matching sonic identity

Dissonances will guide you through the whole process with enthusiasm and curiosity. We will give your brand the innovating, unifying and powerful emotional leverage it deserves.  

Sound is the new
priority for brands

We created our agency with a strong belief. Today, it can be confirmed by numbers: sounds assets are essentials to branding.  

  • Sonic cues increase the impact of a brand by a factor of 8.
  • 60% of consumers consider that audio communications are easier to memorize than visual communications.
  • Sonic identities increase ads memorization by a factor of 2.  

Source: Ipsos interactive,
The Power of you, February 2020 

It’s new and it sounds good!


Implementing efficient
sound strategies

Together, we will come with the best strategies to improve your brand awareness and your communication through your sonic identity.  


Creating the right
sonic identity

Producing emotions and bringing some refreshing modernity to your communication: that is the true superpower of music 😊.  


Spreading your
audio branding

Advertising campaigns, brand movies, social media, events, telephony, podcasts... Wherever you can be heard, you will be recognized.