A warm and demanding sound identity which represents school of trust's values. A powerful and confident sound identity for the 1200 agencies Orpi's network 

The new sound identity of the Caisse des Dépôts raises loudlt the mission and ambition of the public financial institution : "Together, let France grow"
Dynamism, creativity, modernity : Natixis sound identity. 
We have revealed the sound identity yesterday morning. It's been very well received and the reveal movie has been applaused - that's rare. Congratulations to your team and to the composer !

We're currently deploying our musical identity step by step. Thank you again for this wonderful composition and this very good job.

Great !
I specially love the stage in-and-out !
Sincerely yours,

I've just listened to the mix.
That's a really great job. Thank you and congratulations !

The proposal we choose sounds like us and gathers! This sound identity will federate our agents and our public in a same dynamic !

The sound identity has been very well received by all our partners ;o We opened our website this morning with the notes of "our melody". 

It's very hard to choose between the two tracks. In both cases, our goal has been achieved. 
Congratulations to the teams !
Sincerely yours,

Congratulations to all the teams ! Thanks to Dissonances, a big up to you all for this final rush ! 
See you soon for the next stage.

The corporate film with the sound identity have been streamed to the agents few minutes ago, it was a great success !
Thank you for your work and your reactivity.

Congratulations for this beautiful sound identity. It will be offically revealed as greetings then internally - and strongly deployed !

Thank you Perrine ! So Classy !
I'll be the first to defend this musical identity !
Congrats to our composer,

It's super!
Great job i'm very happy, thank you to all of you !

After several listening tests with collaborators, included our President, the first track we made heard has been unanimously very appreciated !

Thank you very much for your proposals ! In such a short time, bravo !
See you soon, 

A beautiful creation, really.
See you very soon,


Bravo ! It's a big YES !! We are all very proud of this great job and impatients to move forward on the other supports !

Thanks to both of you and to all the team !

Thanks for everything !
We finally have our hit, reflecting our true spirit. It's gonna buzz in the schoolyards... Just do it !

I have been really happy to take part of the working team. Giving collaborators the possibility to express themselves made the creative process very rich !

Thank you very mush for your job which received a quasi 100% approval from our President !
We need to work on other versions now, 
See you very soon, 

I renew to you my thanks for the very beautiful sound identity that Dissonances has created for our group.

Unanimity for track 1. Huge enthusiasm from the com' team who adress their congrats !

Thank you very much. 

All my congratulations for this beautiful sound identity. Obviously this is a rich period for Dissonances, I'm so glad !


Congratulations for the film, it's really nice !
Already on Youtube,
I'll be back to you shortly.

Thank you very much!
That's perfect, as usual!

A cleaned, aerial, resolutely modern sound identity for Air Liquide, leader in gases, technologies and services for health industry.  A dreamlike identity, enthusiastic and deeply humane A differenciating, elegant, surprising sound identity that embodies "the art of being banker". A luminous and enthusiastic sound identity, in reflection with canola blossoming and mankind inventivity.  An elegant, human and bright sound identity for Altice, new global brand in the landscape of telecoms
An energic sonic identity for an experienced brand ! Designed by Dissonances.
A positive and federating sound identity that embodies the values and activities of Crédit Foncier.

A creation widely acclaimed by the french public, elected favorite sound identity in the services sector !

Enjoy the Sound, Motoblouz's sound identity off to a flying start ! 
A sound identity to incarne diversity, the youth and the enthusiasm of the Region Ile de France.
A sweet, fresh and sparkling sound identity to receive customers like friends.

An elegant and mere sound identity, matching the high-end standard of Geneva Airport and its visual communication.

A refined musical universe revealing the epicurism and the festive dimension of Laurent-Perrier.
Naturality, power and innovation for a sound identity that drives us along the Rhône A sound identity that expresses passion of entrepreneurship and the global dynamics of the Group.

On a worldwide scale, from United States to India through Mexico or the Philippines, the Nestlé sound identity has been heard for almost 20 years old ! 

A sound identity to express innovation, creativity and profusion of ideas. A sound identity to reflect the enthousiasm, the spontaneity of this serious bank that doesn't take itself seriously !
An energic sound identity that reflects EQIOM's conviviality, team spirit, enthusiasm and entrepreneurship culture ! Display in one sound identity the know-how and creativity of the cottage industry. Between technology and emotion, a clear, positive and serene sound identity for the world leader of propelled aircrafts.
A chameleon sound identity to seduce the various audiences of the brand.
On a lively tempo, an electro-pop musical creation giving the desire to go forward ! 
A breath of modernity and energy.

A very soft and welcoming musical landscape dedicated to the brand's values.

A human, natural and positive vibration to renew the institutional standards.

A sound identity created for Citura's launch, Reims urban network.

A musical notebook with ethnic tones displayed in institutes throughout the world.

A musical identity to express Gefco's ambition as a leader in logistics for industry ans its international development.

A rock signature reminding the sounds and noises of a garage and mechanical parts.

The Ferrero Opera, specially composed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand in France.

A musical creation extended to the Group's call-waiting music. Musical design of Le Grand Splatch and sound creations inspired by the universe of the famous comic-book.